McDowell Creek Falls

Each of Linn County's 22 parks offer unique interests, activities and panoramic vistas. The Park system includes campgrounds, boat ramps, picnic areas, group shelters, covered bridges and more.

Parks Listed by Points of Interest

Whitcomb Creek Park & Green Peter Reservoir


Covered Bridges

Crawfordsville Covered Bridge | 38300 Courtney Creek Dr, Crawfordsville county park

Larwood Covered Bridge Park | 42000 Fish Hatchery Dr, Scio


Swimming Holes

Lewis Creek County Park | 44450 North River Dr, Foster county park

McKercher Park | Next to 37940 Hwy 228, Crawfordsville

River Bend County Park | 45931 Santiam Hwy, Foster



Hiking Trails

Clear Lake Resort | 60700 HWY 126, Sisters county park

River Bend County Park | 45931 Santiam Highway, Foster

Whitcomb Creek County Parks   | 47788 Quartzville Road, Foster



McDowell Creek Falls Video Courtesy of David Patton

McDowell Creek Falls | 43170 McDowell Creek Dr, Lebanon