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McCartney County Park & Boat Ramp

28946 Cartney Park Drive, Harrisburg

On the Willamette River approx. 4 river miles north of Harrisburg

Day use: open year-round

Description: This 21.5 acre park was acquired through two purchases (15 acres in December of 1970 and 6.5 acres in November of 1971.) The park was acquired and developed with Federal and state Funds. The initial and only development included a paved access road and parking lot and a boat ramp. Portable picnic tables and toilet facilities are placed in the park during spring and summer months (the Willamette River inundates the site occasionally in the winter). The major vegetation is primarily deciduous including maples, cottonwoods, alders and willows. Approximately 12 acres of the site is in grass.


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